A non-profit Circus that makes an ETERNAL difference in lives around the WORLD!


Circus 4 Ever makes an eternal difference by first taking care of people’s needs...and then sharing God’s love through the circus arts.  You can donate to a variety of performers who are a part of Circus 4 Ever.  You can designate funds for supplies, building homes, food, clothing or leave your funds undesignated.  Either way, 100% of what we receive from donations will go toward the mission work of Circus 4 Ever.

Circus 4 Ever is a non-profit circus (501-C-3).  All donations are tax deductible.  This is not a booking agency.  On this site you can learn about Circus 4 Ever and donate to the cause!  Please contact Nathan, David, Jesse or Steve separately to book them for a ministry engagement. 

        Call toll-free 866-841-8402   or   email CrazyTieGuy@gmail.com

*Reflecting The Truth Ministries DBA: Circus 4 Ever